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Why Advance Better English Medium School


Our Facilities

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    Our Curriculum, and Teaching & Learning


    Our curriculum strives to nurture each child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development. The core of our curriculum is guided by the national curriculum framework. However, we have enriched our curriculum sufficiently with contents for addressing children’s special interests and needs, and preparing them for the world class citizen of the twenty first century.
    We have developed the Pre-school curriculum based on their ability to learn and cognitive level. Accordingly, the curriculum has been developed combining the essence of Montessori / ECD approaches and including the various skills such as social soft skills, language and communication skills, and mathematics and science connecting the students to their everyday life. The Pre-school curriculum also includes visual and performing arts to teach them to live a vibrant and joyful life. Thus, our curriculum is multifaceted in a true sense.
    Curriculum at the Primary Level (grade 1 to 5) is based on the government curriculum. However, we have enriched the curriculum with additional skills in the areas of language and life skills. At this level we have included international languages and the basics of performing and visual arts too. Curriculum at this level is designed for integrated approach so that the children could learn to connect their knowledge with different disciplines.
    Curriculum at the Basic Level (grade 6 to 8) and at the Secondary Level is complemented by additional skills in languages and arts. At these levels, students are expected to master the skills in performing/visual arts/games through clubs. Specifically, the Senior Primary curriculum is designed to prepare students for secondary school on the basis of their interest and abilities.
    School fully relies on the Government curriculum for its Secondary Level. However, the school has included supplementary curriculum for language development. Students are given opportunities to develop their hobbies through clubs and various curricular and co-curricular activities.

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    Student – Centered (Activities/Project Based) Teaching Learning

    We, at ADVANCE, make sure that whatever practice we do puts the child’s learning in focus. We design activities in such a way that the children are provided ample opportunities to lead their teams, learn to value the other viewpoints and opinions, generate knowledge on the strength of their teams and prove their achievements through collaborative, co-operative, project-based and activities-based teaching-learning approaches. Projects/activities (both individual and group) form an integral component of our teaching-learning approach. Our approach of learning enhances the sense of independence, responsibility, cooperation, open-mindedness, etc. in the young learners.

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    Research and Innovations

    We make children independent and self-sustaining to deal with the challenges of this century through research, innovations and problem solving in real life. These activities give our students ample opportunities to work in harmony with their community and contribute to its betterment. School is adopting micro-level researches as curricular and co-curricular activities for testing hypothesis, exploring the subjects, and understanding nature and the communities. The activities are also expected to focus on resolving problems and innovations. ADVANCE also guides and inspires students for connecting their learning to innovations and creations that ultimately foster students’ aptitude to transform their learning for life through these research activities.

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    Excursion and Educational Tours

    We organize regular excursions, field trips and educational tours for intensive learning as per the demand of the contents. Students are guided to observe, explore, investigate, analyze and share their experiences through reports and presentations. This indeed testifies to the essence of ADVANCE’s philosophy of learning through real life experience.

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    Exhibitions and Fair

    Exhibitions help children to plan, create, demonstrate and justify their work and most importantly make them more independent and confident in their own learning process. ADVANCE School organizes a grand exhibition several times a year. Besides this, we also hold intra–class, intra– school and inter– school exhibitions in diverse fields such as Arts and craft, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Language arts, Social science and OBTE etc. School also organizes various exhibitions and fairs such as food fair, art and craft exhibitions, cultural dress exhibitions, fruits and vegetables exhibitions to promote students' creativities and extended learning.

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    Community work

    Our children are encouraged to practice and appreciate community works so that they will be able to lead their own communities in the future.

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    Extra-Curricular Activities

    ADVANCE School promotes the development of student’s cognitive, affective and psycho- motor skills through extra-curricular activities. As in the above section the planning for extra-curricular activities is done at the beginning of the school year and parent/guardians recommendations are welcomed.

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    After School Clubs

    Club activities are very important for students to expand their hobbies and enjoy the activities they like. Joining clubs and volunteering is a great way to:
    • Change hobby to proficiency,
    • Make new friends,
    • Build respect and learn team work,
    • Gain self-confidence,
    • Relieve stress,
    • Learn real world and everyday life skills,
    • Develop time management skills and
    • Avoid risky behaviors
    The School has hired professional coaches and celebrities in their respective fields to conduct various club activities. The clubs which are functional at present are: Basketball, Cricket, Football, Dance, Music, Martial Arts and Public Speaking.
    Our Extra-curricular Activity In charge is fully aware of the need and interest of our children in the ever changing times through efficient management of these clubs. New clubs will be launched as per the need and interest of the students and availability of the resources. The club activities are conducted after school, 4 pm to 5 pm, two days for each club. A student is eligible to take part in one club at a time.

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    Clubs of Innovative Minds

    In order to make students responsible in learning and develop hobbies in the areas of their interest, we have started with various Clubs:
    • ADVANCE art and culture Club
    • ADVANCE Sports Club
    • ADVANCE Dance Club
    • ADVANCE Visual Arts Club
    • ADVANCE STEM (Science, Technology and Mathematics) Club
    • ADVANCE literature  Club
    • ADVANCE Social Welfare Club
    • ADVANCE Student Council
    • ADVANCE EX student org AESO

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    Montessori-based Primary Education

    ADVANCE School connects its Developmental Interactive Approach based curriculum with co-curricular activities. At the beginning of each school year the teaching staff creates a list of appropriate co-curricular activities for the coming year. The ADVANCE School Team supports recommendations for other co-curricular activities from parent/guardians. The following is a list of possible activities:
    Speeches, debates, quizzes, spelling bees, slam poetry, Letter/story/poem writing, exhibitions, theatre and music performances, cultural activities, educational tours and hiking.

    Our Primary level is well-liked by our kids and parents due to it separate boundary with safe and child-friendly play stations. The classes are well-equipped with smart TV, sound system and internet access for audio-visual purposes. We have world-class curriculum and instructional resources.


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